Course curriculum

    1. Coaching for the Story Test - Spotting Stories

    2. Pre-Course Survey

    3. Spotting Stories - Quick Quiz

    1. Audiobook - Story-Powered Sales Participant Workbook [1:21:00 Hours]

    1. Download the Story Competition Briefing Document

    2. Example Story Competition

    3. Coach Each Other's Stories

    1. Story-Powered Prospecting

    2. Story Prospecting Worksheet

    1. Story Powered Meetings

    2. Story Meeting Worksheet

    1. Story-Powered Proposals

    2. Story Proposal Worksheet

About this course

  • $7,000.00
  • 25 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


  • What Does Story-Powered Sales Cost?

    The price is $7000 for an individual. For a sales team of at least eight people the price is $2150 per person. These prices include story coaching with an Anecdote Master Storyteller, the online training course and a four month program. You will be coached to develop at least three stories per participant. For sales teams we also deliver a team story bank.

  • How long does the program last for

    The intensive part of the program lasts about two weeks, the deliberate practice program goes for four months.

  • Where do you offer this program?

    The program is available anywhere in the world and there are Anecdote coaches located throughout the world. See our global partner network:

  • What will this program do for me?

    This program will change the way you interact in client conversations. You be be more relatable and likeable. Clients will remember you and find you more credible. You will influence and change your clients (for their benefit) far more easily. And you will close larger and better deals more often!